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Allan Titford Political Prisoner




allan titford

Innocent Political Prisoner.

1987. Alleged Treaty of Waitangi land claim place on his freehold title farm

1987/92. No Police or Crown protection from Maori claimants

1987/89. Many false charges by Police but acquitted on all.

1987. No Police protection from Maori claimants, squatters

1992. Family fled to Tasmania for protection and safety.

1995. Land stolen by the Crown for “alleged” claim

1995. Land sold under duress and without legal advice.

2009. Sale Agreement tampered with after being signed and witnessed.

2009. Susan Titford leaves her husband.

2010. Crown becomes involve in their matrimonial dispute

2010, Susan Titford is given immunity by the Crown.

2011. Crown gets involved in laying charges against Allan.

2013. Allan’s Lawyer does not call one witness in his defence.

2013. Allan is jailed for 24 years without a fair trial.


    “A malicious prosecution of a political nature” to “Pervert the course of justice”.


               No man deserves how he has been treated by the Crown!


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