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The One New Zealand Foundation



What we stand for.


We stand for a New Zealand where all people are treated the same in law and Government. We have existed since 1988 because our members are concerned about increasing privilege being given to one race of people over all other races.


The part-Maori population of New Zealand now enjoys privileges which by-pass democratic principles of one nation in law and Government and this is leading to increasing discontent among new Zealanders who do not possess any claim to Maori heritage.


The Waitangi Tribunal is also an undemocratic and secretive institution that offers unfair advantages to one race of people. It is long overdue to be dismantled.




Currently the One New Zealand Foundation website is undergoing a bit of a spring clean. All the older and larger posts are being converted to pages for easier searching and viewing. This process will be completed in early February. Some specific topics are being moved to another website. The link will be provided soon.



We have extensive research which has accumulated over the past quarter century since our formation and we will ensure you have as much access as possible via this site.




If you are among the increasing number of New Zealanders concerned about this issue of racial favouritism, you can join us today or make a donation via this website. All anonymous donations can be accepted and will remain anonymous. ONZF policy is not to affiliate with any political party. But we will directly communicate with New Zealand media and politicians.


We are planning an active year.


Released by The One New Zealand Foundation.

The Foundation is a  voluntary, non-profit  Incorporated Society with yearly audits and returns  to the Companies Office. It was established in 1988 to stand for one flag and  one law for all the people of New Zealand. The Foundation can supply evidence  in support of any public statements it makes. Contact  the Foundation at email:  or visit our website at



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