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Chief Justice Prendergast Ruled the Treaty of Waitangi, “A Simple Nullity”!

The One New Zealand Foundation Inc. has just written and published one of the most controversial books ever written on New Zealand’s history. It tells how,

  1. Britain became involved in New Zealand because of Ngapuhi’s cowardly atrocities forced on their unarmed country men, women and children from the 1820s until Britain put an end to the fighting and cannibalism and brought peace between the tribes of New Zealand. Without British intervention, tangata Maori would be long gone!
  2. The Treaty of Waitangi was ruled a “simple nullity” in 1877. Great Britain had already gained sovereignty over all the islands of New Zealand by the Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated the 25 August 1839 under the “Law of Nations”, long before the first signature appeared on the Treaty of Waitangi.
  3. The 1839 Royal Charter/Letters Patent placed New Zealand under the laws and dependency of New South Wales from the 30 January 1840 until the 3 May 1841.
  4. The Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated the 16 November 1840 separated New Zealand from New South Wales on the 3 May 1841 and made New Zealand into an Independent British Colony. New Zealand’s true Founding Document and first Constitution that: “Shaped New Zealand’s political, legal and justice systems”.
  5. The two Royal Charters/Letters Patents were issued by, “Victoria by the Grace of God” under “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, the Treaty of Waitangi was not!
  6. Attorney General, Hon Geoffrey Palmer admitted he made mistakes with his apartheid Treaty of Waitangi reforms in the 1980s; based on his studies into American Civil Rights while at the University of Chicago which had no relationship to New Zealand
  7. Our Minister’s for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations continued to allow many of the claims that had already had “full and final” settlements in the 1930s/40s to be re-heard based on false, fabricated or omitted history costing the taxpayers of New Zealand $3.5 billion to date – 2017. Sir Douglas Graham’s ridiculous relativity clause for Tainui and Ngai Tahu, an ongoing burden on the people New Zealand.
  8. Our two Founding Documents, the 1839 and 1840 Royal Charters/Letters Patent have been removed from the Constitution Room at Archives New Zealand and concealed in Archives Repository where they will be forgotten and lost forever amongst the other 6 million documets and must be ordered by future researchers, that is, if they know the exist. These documents belong to all the people of New Zealand and must be displayed at He Tohu as our true Founding Documents and first Constitution.
  9. It shows how PC (Politically Corrupt) Governments have become since the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act.

All the above concealed from the people of New Zealand by our Governments!

A must read if you want to know the true history of New Zealand and not the history that the people of New Zealand have been brainwashed into believing by our Governments since the “apartheid” 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act that resulted in the “corrupt” Waitangi Tribunal and the “unconstitutional” Five Principles and Partnership between Maori and the Crown. The 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act and its 1985 Amendment were the most corrupt, unconstitutional and apartheid Acts of Parliament ever forced on the people of New Zealand.

Wake up New Zealand, our Governments have been dishonest! 

The lies and false information must stop now, we have a right to know the truth!

Purchase your copy for only $10-00 P & P from the One New Zealand Foundation Inc., P O Box 7113, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Email:

Donations gratefully accepted to help distribute the truth.

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