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Honour the Treaty – Embrace the Royal Charter


By Ross Baker, Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc.

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Until we give Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated the 16 November 1840 the recognition it deserves, part-Maori, with the help of government, will continue to distort the Treaty of Waitangi to give them special rights not mentioned in the Treaty. By the 21 May 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi had fulfilled its purpose; New Zealand was declared British Sovereignty under the dependency of New South Wales.


There is no doubt, the chiefs knew they had given up their territories and governments in the Treaty as it was fully explained to them in the Preamble, “Now the Queen has been pleased to send me, William Hobson, a Captain in the Royal Navy, to be Governor of all places of New Zealand which may be given up now or hereafter to the Queen”, but the Preamble of the Treaty is completely ignored by government only using the three articles as our Treaty of Waitangi.


The Preamble is the most important part, as in any document of this nature, it explains the articles or clauses of the Treaty. It’s very difficult to distort the Treaty if we referred to the Preamble but since the Waitangi Tribunal was established, the Preamble has be completely ignored in virtually every government publication, including Te Papa, which has allowed the Treaty to be continually distorted. The Preamble is part of the Treaty of Waitangi and must be read in conjunction with it to fully understand the meaning of the Treaty!     


Queen Victoria or Lt Governor Hobson did not have the authority or instructions to give tangata Maori advantage or privilege not already enjoyed by the people of England and none were given.


Sir Aprirana Ngata confirmed this in his book,The Treaty of Waitangi – An Explanation”, “The chief’s place in the hands of the Queen of England, the Sovereignty and authority to make laws”.


Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent, completely ignored by our governments, ratified the Treaty by making New Zealand into a British Colony with its own Governor and Constitution to form a Government to make laws with court and judges to enforce those laws. The Royal Charter being written in English cannot be distorted as the Treaty written in Maori has been for over 170 years.


Lt. Governor Hobson was sworn in as our first Governor on the 3 May 1841 and the first sitting of the Legislative Council (Government) was held on the 24 May 1841.

The Gazette Notices and Proclamations that followed the Roya Charter set out exactly how New Zealand was to be governed; under one flag and one law, irrespective of race, colour or creed.


Unfortunately, the more books written about the Treaty of Waitangi the more powerful and distorted it becomes. While we must honour the Treaty of Waitangi for giving Great Britain sovereignty over all the Islands of New Zealand and tangata Maori the same rights as the people of England, we must embrace Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent that separated New Zealand from New South Wales making New Zealand into a British Colony with its own Governor and Constitution to form a Government to make laws with court and judges to enforce those laws, irrespective of race, colour or creed.


Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter/Letters Patent, our

true Founding Documents and first Constitution.

    The 3 May, the day we must all celebrate as our Independence Day!

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