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The Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi had very little, if anything to do with shaping New Zealand. The Declaration being a failed attempt by James Busby to have tangata maori sovereignty recognised over New Zealand and tangata maori to set up their own government but as only 52 chiefs supported this, it was abandoned without one meeting taking place. The Treaty was to satisfy the Clapton Sect by Britain giving tangata maori, “The same rights as the people of England”. In 1877 Chief Justice James Prendergast declared, the Treaty of Waitangi was “a simple nullity“. 

The two documents issued under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland that shaped and made New Zealand into a British Colony were the Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated the 30 July 1839, which extended the boundaries of New South Wales to include all the islands of New Zealand, and, The Royal Charter/Letters Patent dated the 16 November 1840 that separated New Zealand from New South Wales and made New Zealand into a British Colony on the 3 May 1841 with its own Governor and Constitution that set up our political, legal and justice systems under one flag and one law, irrespective of race colour or creed.

The Treaty of Waitangi is not mentioned in either of these Royal Charters as it was to satisfy the Clapham Sect by giving tangata maori, “The same rights as the people of England”. The Treaty of Waitangi was drafted in 1838 by Sir James Stephens, the Under Secretary for Colonies and a strong supporter of the Clapham Sect that was set up to, “Protect the natives in countries Britain was colonising”, but legally, “a simple nullity”. See “The Clapham Sect and the Treaty”

The Treaty of Waitangi was never intended to be part of our Constitution, but government, with the help of Sir Geoffrey Palmer, the man who instigated the disastrous “Five Principles for Crown Action on the Treaty of Waitangi” and “Section 9 of the State Owed Enterprise Bill” are writing a new Constitution based on the Treaty of Waitangi. To do so, the Government has dismantled the Constitution Room at Archive New Zealand that held our true Constitutional documents and placed them amongst the 6 million other documents in Archives Repository where they will be forgotten and lost forever. In fact, future researchers will have to order these documents, that is, if they actually know they exist.

one nz foundationTo give the Declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi credibility as Constitutional documents, the government moved them in darkness to the new $7.2 million “He Tohu Exhibit” at the National Library, Wellington calling them, “Iconic constitutional documents that shaped Aotearoa New Zealand”. While Cabinet Minute CAB Min (12) 14/11 dated the 30 April 2012 agreed to move the Constitution Room to the National Library, Wellington, there was no mention that our true Constitutional documents would be hidden by government in the Repository at Archives New Zealand amongst the other 6 million documents where they must be ordered by future researchers if the actually know they exist .

To hide our countries true Constitutional documents is corrupt, no government has the right to touch Constitutional documents! Our true Constitutional documents must be placed in the “He Tohu Exhibit” at the National Library immediately for all to see and those responsible, charged with tampering with our Constitution”.

Prepared by the One New Zealand Foundation Inc. 24/8/2017. Copyright.

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