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This is a personal opinion regarding our existing national anthem

God Defend New Zealand.


There is a long standing joke ‘God Defend New Zealand,  because nobody else will’.  Taking a read through the verses of Thomas Brackens poem it is apparent he thought nobody else should.

From dissension envy hate and corruption guard our state.

Make our country good and great.

God Defend New Zealand.

Let our love for Thee increase,

May Thy blessings never cease,

Give us plenty, give us peace ,

God defend our Free Land.

From dishonour and from shame

Guard our country’s spotless name.

Crown her with immortal fame,

God defend New Zealand.



The lyrics are infantile (Give us plenty, give us peace)but also illustrate a character of almost total passivity, pleading to ‘God’ for the country’s defence and prosperity with not a hint of self-reliance.  It is a prayer. Asking for all the good and wealth a new nation could aspire to.  These words come from a perspective, religion and culture that should no longer exist in our 21st century nation.

The work of an anthem is to summarise a nation’s self-awareness and assertion and provide a sentiment that unifies all citizens.  It is impossible to reconcile the reality of New Zealand today spiritually, socially or politically with this continued pleading to God for protection and provision of all needs.

I personally look forward to the day it is repealed and left behind forever.

To that end I welcome the work of David Smith. New Zealand New Zealand.  The song is secular and possitive and beautifully performed by the Bel Canto Choir of Burnside High School,

Michaela Allen

ONZF Website Manager


Video prepared by Constitution Alert NZ.          Reproduced with permission.


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