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Email to Iulia. Re: Native Affairs






From: “Ross Baker” <>


Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 7:17 AM


To: “Iulia Leilua” <>


Cc: “John Ansell” <>; <>


Subject: Re: Native Affairs



> Hi Iulia,




> I listened to your program Monday night and there is a questions I would like to ask as it really stood out.


> Why are Maori so afraid of the Littlewood document, Lt. Governor Hobson’s final draft?


> I can understand why Claudia Orange did not want it exposed as she had just written her best seller, “The Treaty of Waitangi” and the “final


> draft” would have completely destroy her theories, but why Maori are Maori so afraid and why do they think it is not the final draft?


>Orange’s statement, “It was just another translation of the Maori version by an unknown author” was ridiculous when all the facts and pedigree of


> the document are fully researched. Even Dr Phil Parkinson and Dr Donald Loveridge’s theories were quickly removed from the government website when


> we pointed out how ridiculous they were.


> If we put the final draft and the Tiriti o Waitangi  side by side they are virtually the same except in the Preamble “all the people of New Zealand”


> was change to, “all the chiefs and hapus of New Zealand” and in Article 3, “people of New Zealand” was changed to, “tangata Maori of New Zealand “.


> Rev Henry Williams and his son did this so that “all the people of New Zealand” in Article 2 referred to “all the people” other than “tangata


> Maori”. We were all to be treated the same under the dependency and laws of New South Wales.


> Governor Hobson was not instructed or had the authority to give Maori special rights in the Treaty not already enjoyed by the people of England,


> and none were given. He was instructed to gain British sovereignty over New Zealand and authorised give Maori the same rights as the people of


> England.




> This all changed with Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter dated the 16 November 1840 when we became a British Colony with a Governor and a government to


> make laws with courts and judges to enforce those laws all under the watchful eye of Great Britain, but this again is a documents hidden from


> the public. Why?




> The interesting part, if we compare the Tiriti translation by Mr T E Young of the Native Department for the Legislative Council in 1869 and Hobson’s


> final draft they are virtually the same except for the changes mentioned above. These documents had never met until 1989 as the “final draft” went


> missing in 1840 but they are virtually the same.




> Iulia, I ask again, why are Maori so afraid of Lt. Governor Hobson’s final draft?




> Regards,


> Ross Baker.


> Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc.

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