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Update on the Stolen Lands at Mauganui Bluff 5 SEP 2013




Mr Titford did not agree with the Crown Law Offices re-drafted Sale Agreement and made this very clear in his amendment to page 11 that was removed before the Commissioner of Lands, Mr Sam Brown executed it on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. Mr Titford also mentions “To attach to the Liabilities” in his amendment on page 11 but this was also removed before Mr Brown executed the Sale Agreement. We have laws in this land when buying and selling property that we believe were breached by officers of the Crown Law Office in this instance. An investigation must be held and those responsible brought to justice and Mr Titford compensated for a fair price for his farm, lost earnings, pain and suffering he has endured over the last 25 years at the hands of the Government for opposing Te Roroa’s “alleged” Treaty of Waitangi claim. ONZF. Please read the update below on Stolen Lands at Maunganui Bluff.



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