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Allan Titford also fought for you.

Allan Titford also fought for  you!
What we must remember with Allan Titford, he  is a person that had freehold titled land stolen for a Treaty of Waitangi  claim and only an “alleged” claim at that. A claim that had been rejected many  time before as there is no evidence that this land was ever overlooked when  it was sold. It was sold as a willing seller/willing buyer by all  parties.
This could happen to any New Zealander  that has free hold title to either a quarter acre section or a 10,000 acre  farm. The ONZF is not only fighting for Allan Titford, we are fighting for every  New Zealander that “thinks” he owns his free hold titled land.
David Lange when Prime Minister said “Not one  square inch of private land would be taken for a Maori claim, private land  was sacrosanct“. There is no law that allows part-maori to steal your  land with the Crowns help, land can only be taken under the Public Works Act and  for the good of the country, not one small group of part-maori that our archives  show had no right to this land as they sold it fairly and squarely in 1876. 
In fact the 1993 Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Act  states, “that private land is sacrosanct and totally excluded from the  Treaty claim and settlement process”.
Allan Titford’s farm was acquired on the 12  December 1995, “To assist the settlement of the claim by the Te Roroa  people under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975”, two years after the Act came  into force. 

Please help not only Allan Titford who had the  “guts” to stand up for his rights, but also your little piece of paradise. Don’t  let the Crown put Allan Titford away for 24 years just because he was fighting  for the right of every New Zealander that owns land.
If the Crown gets away with this, YOU  COULD BE NEXT!
Click here to see  how the Crown can steal your land then jail you for 24 years if you fight for  your rights.


We do not have a justice system in this country we have a  legal process.
Ross Baker.
Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc.

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