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Queen Victoria’s Promise


Has QueenVictoria’s Promise Been Broken?

Thousands of people from England, including my ancestors (1842), travelled to New Zealand to start a new life based on the fact, Queen Victoria had ceded Sovereignty of New Zealand to Britain and had guaranteed, “The Queen of England arranges and agrees to give the chiefs, Hapus (Maori) and all the people of New Zealand (Settlers) the full chieftain of their lands, their settlements and their properties”, and “All the rights will be given to them (Maori) the same as Her doings to the people of England”. (Articles 2 & 3 of the Tiriti o Waitangi).

Since 1975 many apartheid Acts and false documents have rewritten the Treaty of Waitangi from a document that gave the same rights to all the people of New Zealand into a “Partnership between Maori and the Crown”. These Acts breach the Treaty of Waitangi by giving preferential right to today’s Maori only and are based solely on race.

On August 28, 2011 at 11:02 am Dave said on John Ansell’s blog.

“You can argue history all you like, and not get anywhere, it is the future that concerns me. Maori do have some legitimate claims and they need to be addressed, however if that is to be done by dividing up this country, its resources and even the rights of its people on the basis of race, colour or tribe then you are, by any definition on the planet, practicing racism. If that is not already illegal it will be one day and all of the decisions that are being made on that basis now, will have to be overturned. If the Treaty decrees that racism must be practiced in order to honour it, then it must be an illegal document and destroyed”. “We need an enlightened government with the strength and foresight to lead us into the future as one nation, one people, with one rule, one right and one law for all. Until then we have no future exept as a bunch of primitives squabbling over a bit of dirt”.

The Governor General of New Zealand, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, has given Her Royal Assent to these apartheid Bills. This was never the intention of Queen Victoria, the 500 chiefs that signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 or the understanding of the people that travelled to New Zealand to start a new life under the protection of Queen Victoria’s agreement/guarantee. We believe if Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had been fully informed by her Ministers she would have refused to give Her Royal Assent to these apartheid Bills that became Act’s of Parliament.

It is interesting to note that the statement made by the Attorney General, later Prime Minister the Hon Geoffrey Palmer in his book, ‘New Zealand’s Constitution in Crisis’, page 90, “I was utterly opposed to the Privy Council having anything to say at all about what the Treaty meant in New Zealand”. Attorney General, Hon David Lange stating on Australian TV on the 5th March 1990, “Did Queen Victoria for a moment think of forming a partnership with a number of thumb prints and 500 people. Queen Victoria was not that sort of person”.

“Some constitutional lawyers, such as Professor Philip Joseph, believe the Governor-General does retain the power to refuse Royal Assent to Bills in exceptional circumstances” (Wikipedia). We believe to hijack our Treaty of Waitangi into a document that gives preferential rights to today’s Maori over all other New Zealand citizens is an exceptional circumstance of racial division – racial discrimination never intended by the Treaty of Waitangi our founding document.

We ask that Her Majesty’s legal advisors examine this agreement (Te Tiriti o Waitangi), as we believe Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, as Head of State has given Her Royal Assent to many apartheid Bills since 1975, which breached the agreement made by Queen Victoria in 1840.

The agreement thousands of people came to New Zealand to build a better life under the Queen’s agreed/guaranteed protection of one flag and one law for “all the people of New Zealand”.

He iwi tahi tatou – We are now one people.

Ross Baker
(c). One New Zealand Foundation Inc.



Has Victoria’s Promise Been Breached

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