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Border Security vs Marine and Coastal



Don’t play with our border – It’s our defence from a foreign invasion.

Something that seems to have been overlooked in the Marine and Coastal Area Bill is our Border Security. The Foreshore and Seabed are not just to paddle our feet, get a suntan or catch a fish or two; it is our Nation’s Legal Border to the rest of the world.

The Crown must retain the Foreshore and Seabed in “trust” for all the people of New Zealand, without this we have lost our Border Security. Can you imagine the United States, Russia, China or India giving ownership/control to parts of their borders to small fragmented groups of their citizens?

The Crown must retain control of our borders. While most other countries have a defined border with border controls, security fences and armed guards etc to protect their countries, we have the foreshore and seabed. To allow these to be invested in private ownership takes all control of our borders away. We have no control over who crosses our borders and enters our country.

A border defines the sovereign state of a country and must be protected by that country without interference of any nature. This was one of the main reason our ancestors agreed to the Tiriti o Waitangi – to protect our borders from a foreign invasion – the French in 1830 and the Japanese 100 years later. Who will be next? See letter below.

As we all know, border security has weakened over the last few years. It’s a known fact that many undesirables come into New Zealand as a free ticket to Australia and the rest of the world. Worldwide border security has weakened as can be seen from the number of terrorist that cross borders to bomb, kill and maim innocent citizens of a country, the reason for our troops being posted around the world. We must not allow this to happen in New Zealand, we must strengthen our border security by making sure our borders remain in Crown control – our control. The control invested with the British in 1840.

Border security of any country must be its number one priority, without this, we have lost our sovereignty, our security and our freedom.

One New Zealand Foundation Inc.

A letter from 13 Maori chiefs asking King William for protection in 1831

“To King William, the gracious Chief of England. King William, we, the chiefs of New Zealand assembled at this place, called the Kerikeri, write to thee, for we hear that thou art the great chief of the other side of the water, since the many ships which come to our land are from thee. We are a people without possessions. We have nothing but timber, flax, pork and potatoes. We sell these things however to your people; then we see property of the Europeans. It is only thy land, which is liberal towards us. From thee also come the missionaries who teach us to believe on Jehovah God and on Jesus Christ His Son. We have heard that the tribe of Marian [the French] is at hand, coming to take away our land. Therefore we pray thee to become our friend and the guardian of these islands, lest the teasing of other tribes should come near us, and lest strangers should come and take away our land. And if any of thy people should be troublesome and vicious towards us we pray thee to be angry with them that they may be obedient, lest the anger of the people of this land fall upon them. This letter is from us, the chief’s of the natives of New Zealand.”

Amy Brooke

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ross Baker has made a very important point here. This extraordinary piece of legislation plans to remove the foreshore and seabed from Crown ownership, i.e. from all New Zealanders, to bestow special rights on some iwi groupings only in certain areas. It’s a highly dangerous piece of legislation, not only from the crucial point of view of border security…Almost the whole country is up in arms about it, as most New Zealanders, with the exception of the government, understand its potential divisiveness, and that radicalized iwi, pushing for special ownership, special advantage over other New Zealanders, plan to keep expanding their claims to gain even more once the initial legislation is passed.

Readers may be interested that the Dominion Post of January 18 has carried an timely article by former MP Bill Sutton, pointing out that Minister Chris Finlayson, trying to sell what is probably largely his brainchild to New Zealanders, has been given a real roasting in Hawke’s Bay, where members of an older generation – who understand perhaps far better what is involved – have made this very plain. National are well out of order trying to ram this bill through Parliament.

Whatever happened to democracy..?

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